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Among thousands of tour-guides in Siem Reap, most of them are men. There are very few lady guides. I AM ONE OF THOSE A FEW and I love to support other  female guides who would like to give them work so please don't mind if I am not available it would be great to allow me to book service and other lady guides and also it is fair for providing job to the male guides as well.

I will find knowledgeable guides and drivers for you.

It is not so easy to pass tests and become a guide, because I AM A LADY BUT I AM STRONG, SMART AND QUALIFIED ENOUGH TO WORK AS A TOUR-GUIDE. I am also encouraged by family.


Many ladies of my age could not do like me but EVERYTHING IS FROM MY HEART.

Contact Tourism site, Siem Reap, Angkor. Kingdom of Cambodia.
Cambodia Adventure Guide - Private Day Tour

Making Your Holiday Easier and More Enjoyable

Welcome to

Cambodia Classic

When you are travelling in Cambodia you will experience its cultural treasures, ancient architecture and political history.

Cambodia’s rich history can be seen everywhere, starting with the golden era of the very famous Angkorian architectural period. Over time, trees and other vegetation have grown over the temples, ruining the ancient buildings. The French launched their architectural style throughout much of the country during the French Colonial Period (1863-1953). The Khmer Rouge regime started in the 1970s, and is where much of Cambodia’s emotional history is to be learnt. For a unique cultural experience, a visit to Riding on Norry (translation “Bamboo Train”) in Battambang is a must, where you can see the daily life of people in the villages and countryside. Travelling in a small group creates a more personal adventure.​

Why will you love this tour?​

  • You will be travelling in a small group of up to 15 new friends. Allow at least a little over a week to see most parts of Cambodia.
  • On this tour you will be staying at standard quality hotels, with local cuisine,plus dinner at Friend Charity Restaurant in Phnom Penh all included.
  • You will tour the countryside to see floating salt fields, rice paddies, the ancient temple cave, a pepper farm and Kep Beach as well as the small French Colonial Town of Kampot, capital of Kampot Province.
  • In Battambang Province, you will see small family owned factories manufacturing items such as rice paper wrap, Banana Chips, Rice wine and fish paste. You will also visit a Khmer Traditional house, Somrong Knong monastery, the former of torture and interrogation room as well as prison during Khmer Rouge regime.
  • You will travel by boat along the Sangke River down to Tonle Sap Lake from Battambang to Siem Reap for a truly wonderful experience. You’ll have a 3 days of Angkor Wat pass included.

Does this trip sound good to you?

  • You will also discover the Cambodian history of the Khmer Rouge regime at S21 and The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, something many travellers find important.
  • The trip can sometimes be slow due to poor roads, traffic and weather. But this is all just part of the experience.


Day 1 Phnom Penh
Welcome to Phnom Penh!
Your airport transfer is included. Today is the first day of your trip! There will be a welcome meeting at 6:00pm followed by an included dinner at Friends Charity Restaurant.

Should you arrive early today and have free time, you could go for a sight-seeing walk along the riverfront. It is lined with chic pubs and bistros. Smart little silk boutiques and galleries dot the side streets. Phnom Penh is developing architecturally with many new modern skyscrapers. You can experience true Cambodian hospitality in this city of more than two million people. They are by nature cordial and friendly.

Note: Your airport transfer is only valid on day 1. If you have booked accommodation for before this trip commences, please provide your flight details when you book with us so we can make other arrangements for you.

Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
Airport Arrival Transfer
Meals Included

Day 2: Kampot
This morning we will head to Kampot Province. Kampot has become famous for international and domestic travelers and there are many attractions to satisfy tourists. It is a city built along a riverfront, with beautiful scenery, shielded by the hill of Khem Chey. Kampot’s center is largely made up of 19th century French colonial architecture, and, because of the past French interest in this province, also has many houses, shops, cinemas, schools, hospitals,etc. Next,we will pass through Takeo province, homeland of the Khmer civilization and a former Funan kingdom whose history dates back to the Funanese and the Chenla eras. The ancient temples here were built before the Angkor period, between the 5th and 8th centuries.

Hotel(1 night)
Optional Activities
Phnom Chiso Temple and TaProhm Temple
Meals Included

Day 3: Kampot
In the morning we will tour the countryside to visit the Kampot Salt Field, the only one in Cambodia. We will then continue to visit the ruins of the Phnom Chhnork Temple, built in a limestone cave in the 7th century. On the way you will be able to see the daily life of the people in the villages and enjoy the magnificent countryside. We will then continue to visit the pepper plantation of Kampot, recognized by international chefs as producing the world’s best pepper. After learning of the extraordinary quality of Kampot pepper, we will then head to the Fresh Crab Market for a scrumptious lunch and to stretch your legs. You may also enjoy a walk along popular Kep Beach before returning to Kampot for a sunset boat cruise on the river.

Hotel (1 night)
Include dActivities
Countryside tou
Phnom Chhnork Temple
Optional Activities
Sunset boat cruise
Meals Included

Day 4: Phnom Penh
Return to Phnom Penh where you will visit Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeung Ek Killing Fields in the evening. These are a sad reminder of the Khmer Rouge’s brutal rule. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a memorial of the events that occurred in the former “Security Prison 21 or S-21″ during the time of the Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge). S-21 was a major center of the Khmer Rouge prison system in Cambodia, and was also a secret location for the detention, interrogation, torture and destruction of those who were considered”political prisoners” of the regime. The Khmer Rouge arrested anyone suspected of having been involved with the previous government or were pro-foreign governments, as well as any professionals or intellectuals.Christians, Islamist and Buddhist monks were also targeted. In the end, few were exempt. As well as any Cambodian who had an education, ambassadors,foreigners, farmers and even women and children were executed in Boeung Choeung Ek Killing Fields.
Hotel(1 night)
Phnom Penh – Choeung Ek (Killing Fields)
Phnom Penh – Tuol Sleng Prison Museum (S21)
Meals Included

Day 5: Battambang
Battambang is the third most populous province of Cambodia, and the fifth largest. It has a wealth of natural treasures and an ancient cultural heritage. It is set on fertile alluvial soil which produces high quality rice,earning the title of “the rice bowl of Cambodia”. While 75% of the province consists of mountains and jungle, Battambang city still retains its colonial charm, which is one of the prime reasons to visit . Surrounding the market are the faded yellow and peeling blue of the colonial houses that give Battambang so much of its character.
Hotel(1 night)
Optional Activities
Meals Included

Day 6: Battambang
Hop on a Tuk Tuk today and travel through the beautiful surrounding countryside to visit the ancient wooden house at Wat Kor village. In the house there still remains antiques, agricultural tools, and portraits from the early 1900s. Next,you will visit small family owned factories manufacturing items such as ricepaper wrap, Banana Chips, Rice wine. Afterwards, visit Somrong Knong monastery, a former place of torture and interrogation as well as a prison during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
Countryside Tour
Meals Included

Day 7: Siem Reap
It is finally time to go to Siem Reap, the most popular destination in the country. Worldwide, it is known for its mesmerizing temple ruins of Angkor Wat. Travel by private boat through small beautiful rural villages and rice fields towards the Great Lake, Tonle Sap. Depending on the time of year and the current water levels we will go as far as we can along Sangker River. You will have the opportunity to see amazing landscapes and pass through fascinating floating villages on your way.

Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
Orientation Walk
Optional Activities 
Cambodian Cultural Show with Dinner
Meals Included

Day 8: Siem Reap
Full day tour to visit the most important and popular Angkor temples. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and was originally created as a Hindu temple for the Khmer empire. Angkor Wat has since become a symbol of Cambodia and even appears on Cambodia’s national flag!
After spending a couple of hours at Angkor Wat, you will head over to Angkor Thom, which is another temple in the Angkor complex and was the last city of the Khmer empire. You will focus on Bayon temple, one of the most famous, popular and beautiful of the structures in the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. It is best known for its many towers with gently smiling faces on each side. It is rich in decoration, and the bas-reliefs on the exterior walls of the lower and upper levels are outstanding. After Bayon, you will head off to see more Temples inside of Angkor Complex.
Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
Angkor Temples Tour
Meals Included


 Day 9: Siem Reap


Get up early to see Sunrise at Angkor Wat. It is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing colourful skies with the Angkor Wat monument reflected in the pool.Here you can see the temple’s stunning silhouette mirrored in the still waters.It is a spiritual experience!
After sunrise you will head off to visit Ta Prohm Temple (Jungle Temple), considered to be the most attractive to tourists in the world. The combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings make Ta Prohm Temple incredibly photogenic. In fact, Ta Prohm temple was the location chosen for a major scene in the popular movie “Tomb Raider” starring Angelina Jolie, which screened in many countries, making Ta Prohm temple even more well-known to the world. You will also see Banteay Srey Temple, built largely of red and pink sandstone, a medium which lends itself to the elaborate decorative wall carvings which are still observable today. The buildings themselves are miniature in scale, unusually so when measured by the standards of Angkorian construction.

Hotel (1 night) 
Included Activities
Angkor Temples Tour
Optional Activities
Cambodian Acrobat Circus Show
Meals Include

Day 10: Siem Reap
Today is your departure day and no activities have been planned. If you have time available, you could explore more of Angkor Archaeological Park on your own,or, if you are “templed-out”, you could experience with Tuk Tuk ride. Just ask your guide to arrange it for you. Otherwise, could do some sightseeing in the Siem Reap town.

Meals Included







I donated well to this

Krobei Riel village ,

Siem Reap province.

Because of Vietnam is Communist and liberated Cambodia that's why Cambodia had to become a Communist Country, even if, we didn't wish to be a communist.

The war still prolonged...., Most of young people were recruited to join the army. This caused MY FATHER LOST HIS DAD AND HE BECOMES ORPHAN. HIS MOM HAS NEVER BEEN


 Education is equal for both men and women, but if we compare the percentage of man and woman, we find out the percentage of woman is much less than man, Why????
- Because of:
+ Our culture, the parents or family don't want their daughter get away from home for higher education.
+ The woman will become a housewife, even if she is educated..., she has to look after the kids, elderly parents, feed the baby...and cooking....etc.
+ The percentage of employment for women is very low, if we compare with men.
+ The rate of unemployment is high...
+ The women are very scared and shy to join social work.


to  the home of the Angkor world heritage site and the tre of the ancient khmer empire.

Cambodiaadventureguide was found by  Ms amnang  Mao 

Nick name is Rous 


If I my self is busy I can  till arrange your trip.


I  will  give you the chance to see so much more than temples.


You will be able to experience  markets, floating villages, the largest


fresh water lake in South East Asia, bird parks, cultural dances and  so many more breathtaking sights. With our trust worthy service and real


expertise, I  aim to give our customers the chance to sit back, relax and fully


enjoy your time spend here in Cambodia . Let me manage and organize your tour


for you and provide you with a service that’s hassle free, here at this




heritage site


I can arrange spectacular tours for you that will be treasured forever. If


it’s just a one day tour to a weeks tour or more, we’ll take care of everything.


These tours will include all the major attractions in and around the temple


complex or something else that is more suited to your interests or needs.


I arrange the guides, the transport and even your accommodation, ensuring


a headache free time. Tours off the beaten track and special day trips to other


places of interest can be organized separately or included in your tour package.


All information and price guides are shown in the following web pages. Please feel free to contact www.cambodiaadventure 


Special offers : 2-day tou


Please send me email if you got question

+85512839445 I 'm on whatsApp
Tour inclusion:
1- English Speaking tour guide,
2- A/C vehicle,
3- One lunch,
4- All entrance fees.
5- Cold drinking water and towels

Entrance fee to Angkor is now costs more than it used to be.

Exclusion : Tips and own expenses
Prices are negotiable and competitive and depends on exact number of persons  more information abvout the price please call or send email.


Tour Itinerary  (the most impressive temples)

People of Hollywood film "Tomb Raider"in 2001, Ta Prohm,
Day 1:
start at 8am visit  the most famous temple Angkor Wat, then the tem At 2pm visit Angkor Thom complex (south gate with giant faces of Buddha,then  Bayon with 49 towers of 4 faces on each one, Terrace of Elephant and Leper King) and Bakeng.

Day 2:
visit the remote temple that has not yet been cleared the jungle, Beng Melea,70km, it is a bit long journey about 1.30 hrs drive, but it is enjoyable with beautiful landscape of countryside every-life of people there , Banteay Srey,40km ( have lunch there) sugar palm village and East Mebon (big elephants statues).

The guests have to wear clothes cover shoulders and knees to climb up the top floor of Angkor Wat
Smoking, picnics, dogs are prohibited inside the temples.

My services have been prepared with the needs of all travelers in mind. I try to provide exciting, inspiring and flexible tours for independent adventurers, couples or groups. Me and my college friends could be available to attend to your sightseeing and activity requirements, and will respond to any feedback that you may have , I promise to recommend one of my colleagues to assist you in my place  when I am not a vailable. I always support local economy of Cambodia.