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We were fortunate to have Miss Mao Samnang for our personal guide during our trip to Siam Reap in April, 2011. We scheduled our tour with him through email and he was always quick to respond and get any information that we requested. In addition to tour activity recommendations, she also provided hotel recommendations. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and Samnang was extremely knowledgeable about the temples that we visited and about Cambodian history. Additionally, her English is excellent and she has a great personality. We traveled with four children (under the age of 10) and Samnang tailored the tours and daily schedule to meet our family's needs. She is extremely reliable and we were more than pleased with Samnang as our tour guide. We would highly recommend her! We learned so much from her.
Mao Samnang was the BEST!! guide. She calls to mind a Renaissance lady. She speaks English very very fluently, and mixes easily with any group of people, regardless of gender, nationality, or status. She was incredibly kind and considerate with our group, paying attention to each of our individual needs. She is eager for visitors to learn as much as possible about Cambodia, and to leave with unforgettable, powerful memories.
Ms. Mao Samnang was our tour guide during a Dining for Women trip to Cambodia. She was extremely informative, attentive to our needs and flexible in working with our group of seventeen women. She was extremely personable, showing great leadership, as well as sincere warmth and good humor. I would highly recommend her for any individual or group in need of an excellent tour guide for your trip to Cambodia or other Far East country.
Samnang was an AMAZING guide and not only showed us her beloved country of Cambodia but also gave us a real feel for the country and the thoughts and feelings and experiences of the Cambodian people who have endured so much. If anyone wants to see the REAL Cambodia I would truly recommend Samnang.
Rose" as she was affectionately known was a terrific tour leader. She has an extremely bubbly and fun personality, and really made the tour worthwhile. She was very open and honest about the country , and also her own personal life which immediately endeared her to the group (we briefly met both her adopted sons, and her Mum during our time on the tour). By the end of our tour she was a friend, rather than just a tour guide. In addition to joining in with the group on the fun activities (karaoke springs immediately to mind!), she was also very knowledgable about the Angkor Wat temples (where she acted as our "local guide"). She always ensured that we had the information we needed about the days itinerary, optional activities, tipping kitty, and so forth. And I always felt safe whenever we were out with her. Mao is a genuine and passionate person. Not only was her knowledge tormentors but she also gave us her insight to growing up there. A truly inspirational person with so much passion My trip left me wanting more - I experienced a roller coaster of emotions, and Mao was always there to answer questions and if I didn't understand, or just support me.her fun attitude, bright smile made those early mornings that little bit better. You really do need people's skill for this type of role with so many personalities together moa truly has that skill. I learned a lot, fell in love with Cambodia meet some fantastic people and can't wait to book my next trip. And I think a good percentage of that was because Of having a fantastic tour guide. She was the best tour leader I can imagine. She took great care of us, especially when our bags were lost and we had to go to the airport on two occasions to retrieve them. We loved her honesty, knowledge, and down-to-earth attitude along with her sense of humor and singing ability. Ros was amazing, to give us an insight into her personal life made the trip a highlight in my travels. It gave me a better understanding of the Cambodian people and the Cambodian way. I didn't know what to expect on this trip however I thoroughly enjoyed my travels. If Ros was a tour guide in another country I would book a trip with her again, her knowledge was amazing and she showed us as much as she could even by stopping on the road side and explaining what people were selling at the street stalls. Her kindness and attitude to life is amazing and she has passed this on to me. I would recommend Ros as a tour leader to anyone wanting to go travelling around Cambodia, she honestly was the highlight of my travels liked I said before she made the trip an amazing experience for me which I would never wish to change. Ros went above and beyond for some travelers who lost their bags on their way over. She is a true asset to the company. Would love to go on a trip with her again. Samnang moa or Rose as we knew her ,was what made the trip so good ,her passion and knowledge and humour and stories of her life of the people of cambodia was amazing. Great tour leader - constantly on the ball, always positive, and dealt well with the various personalities in the group. Kept a close eye on the slightly unwell members, and was always a step ahead on the planning and organisation fronts. Very knowledgeable on her local topics, and added a lot of personal colour to our experience. Always looking for new experiences, great company, and a dangerous singer. Damn good tour leader - hold onto her. Ros is a beautiful and inspiring person, she was fantastic and patient with our group. She shared so much of her Cambodian culture with us and it's something I will never forget. Mao aka Rose. was a delight she is inspiring her personal stories captivate your heart and the connection she gives you with the local community makes the trip. she is funny, charasmatic and has a heart of gold. she is gives to charities and her knowledge means you never stop learning, considering your impacts on the local community. cambodia was a confronting country. it was tough to see at times and heartbreaking. for me it was a humbling grounding expeirence. Mao is inspiring, her real life stories and her knowledge was shared with passion and grace. she is a credit to Cambodia. i was really impressed along with all my buddies on the group. rose is funny, charismatic and teaches you soo much about Cambodia. I am left with a deep appreciation of this country and rose x Rose was very informative when sharing the culture, struggle and history of the people of Cambodia. It is evident that she is very passionate about her job and taking catr of travelers in a group. She answered all questions thoroughly and was extremely professional at all times. An phenomenal tour guide who should be doing tours all over because she made the trip amazing.Because of her I would definitely take another Intrepid trip. Nothing was too much to ask for, she was more than willing to help members of our group with various problems, always had information on places we were going or were at, always happy and loves the country and people so much and really encouraged that we support local business and not corruption and be responsible travellers Our guide, Samnang Ma, was amazing! She introduced us to local people, encouraged us to try new experiences and foods, and was very attentive to our needs and requests. I will definitely be recommending this trip to my friends, and telling them to request Samnang Ma as their guide. She really brought the history of the country to life by sharing her (and her families) story. She also made me want to travel with Cambodiaadventureguide in the future by explaining the company's initiatve on responsible traveling. I loved every moment of the journey and can't wait to return to Cambodia! Our guide, Mao Samnang, was incredibly attentive and went the extra mile for every single member of the group. She was always willing to put in extra hours to accommodate travellers' concerns or to advise them on their extra activities and plans. Mao was also very informative, especially at Angkor Wat, where she had very thorough knowledge of the dates, construction, spiritual relevance and depictions at the temple. Even when she fell unwell she stayed committed to our group and showed enthusiasm and willingness throughout the entire trip. Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I have done a few adventure companies trips of similar types before and she was by far the best tour guide. An excellent guide and a great ambassador for Cambodia. She handled all situations with ease. ur tour leader, Samnang Mao, is fabulous! Very knowledgeable, and very considerate to everyone in the group. The itinerary was amazing, giving us so many opportunities to experience so many wonderful things. And my tour group was great! Everyone got along well together and just enjoyed everyone's company and everything we did! Quite simply an amazing trip! Beyond excellent service, enthusiastic, organised, compassionate, passionate about her country. This lady is a valuable asset to your company one of the best tour leaders I have had in my traveling experience.
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